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Bell Commission info:
(my handwriting isn’t the best, so i’ll write out all the prices here as well)
☆ Single character: (these include villagers/animal characters only - mayor prices are below) 150,000 bells
☆ Additional characters: (again animal characters only) 100,000 bells
☆ Icons: 50,000 bells (per icon)
☆ Chibi: 80,000 bells (plus 50,000 for each additional chibi)
☆ Mayor: 200,000 bells (this is full-body/full-colour, if you’d like me to include residents, each added is 180,000 bells)
☆ Animated: 500,000 - 1,000,000 bells (the price really ranges up to a million because of how complex the animation might be, whether or not there’s a lot of detail, etc. Those pictured above would be examples of what a million would cost ^^’)
****Special note: I really *really* prefer DLC’s/exclusive or rare furniture items/sets over bells, or even a dream villager - if you happen to have such please let me know, these prices are a basic guideline and may be due to change once I determine a final price****

I’ve opened up 10 spots for now, those of which submit a form after the spots are filled up will automatically have a reserved spot!

☆ Commission Order Form 
(please fill this out and submit! i’ll try getting back to you asap ^^)

Before determining a price, do you have any rare items/dream villagers?
(Bold answer: Yes/No) - If yes please describe:
What would you like? (single char/icon/chibi/etc?)
Any specific details? 
(Bold answer: Yes/No) - If yes please describe:
References? (please attach any helpful image refs)

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