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Initiate Pripyat³! I’ve been looking forward to visiting this town ever since I’ve seen a few posts from Airen on the acnl tag. It’s also the 2nd cybernetic town I’ve seen besides my friend’s. I really like it when people are dedicated to their town themes, even better when they develop their town’s backstory.

I hella love cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, psychedelic genres in media. I visited Airen’s town right after watching Brazil, which really reminded me of Pripyat in a way, it’s the maddening vibes, the garish colours and a sense of neglect that seems to hold itself together. The designs are so well crafted, ohman how do you even put everything together it’s crazy… my appreciation just sank in when I followed the wire lines and the signs. I imagined wires poking out of an artificial ground. I love the idea of getting fresh air at the town hall, it felt very melancholic and hopeful, haha. The rooms are hilariously absurd and enjoyable to check out (PFFFT the University is my favourite lmfao). Airen seemed to be a friendly emperor, he was hanging out at the main room, probably planning his next rewiring session or drinking absinthe with pop rocks.

I didn’t expect other residents, and they were very interesting to talk to. Rodney gave the best summary of all. I drank coffee(?) out of a tin can and went fishing at the radioactive beach. One thing though, is the way Airen crafts his stories for his town, I enjoy his storytelling and humour. I always like reading up on the progress of his town, his villagers really suit the vibe of Pripyat.

At the end, the mayor sang his town tune for the emperor in the lonely karaoke room, a must for any dream tourist.


nuclear winter selfies in Pripyat³

Seriously impressive town.

Umm, okay Henry.


(Pt. 2) The robes. The closed robe can be used for male or female uniforms.

Pt. 1/ Pt. 3


So I’ve recently been watching a lot of zombie things as I’m a big zombie fan and I found my inspiration to make another pack. Today’s pack as you’ve seen is the Walking Dead and features Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Glenn Rhee and two zombies, “Zombie Man” and “Zombie Woman”.
I’ve really enjoyed making these and done my best to make them look great. I personally enjoyed Daryl’s finished look the most and so I’ve added him to my second town as a character.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.


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Les villageois veulent jouer ;)

Let’s “play” with the fighters !

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i made delsin rowes jacked in AC (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ppl still play this right?


I don’t have a little picture of my character wearing it, but here it is! Skyward Sword Link, before he got his tunic. I honestly adore this design, so enjoy!! ^u^


"Bring the Bells" [Animal Crossing + Bioshock Infinite]


"Heeeere’s Resetti!"

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dude your animal crossing guy looks great

Thanks! :D

I’m going for a Travis Touchdown look;