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(Pt. 2) The robes. The closed robe can be used for male or female uniforms.

Pt. 1/ Pt. 3


So I’ve recently been watching a lot of zombie things as I’m a big zombie fan and I found my inspiration to make another pack. Today’s pack as you’ve seen is the Walking Dead and features Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Glenn Rhee and two zombies, “Zombie Man” and “Zombie Woman”.
I’ve really enjoyed making these and done my best to make them look great. I personally enjoyed Daryl’s finished look the most and so I’ve added him to my second town as a character.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.


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i made delsin rowes jacked in AC (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

ppl still play this right?


I don’t have a little picture of my character wearing it, but here it is! Skyward Sword Link, before he got his tunic. I honestly adore this design, so enjoy!! ^u^


Cute N64 tee for the retro gamer!


Here we go! The calendar for June, featuring the town tree for the 1 year anniversary of New Leaf. Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? Anyway, hope you like it!

this is really neat!


This is my Café…have some patterns.

very cute

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Mad Moxxi shirt from Borderlands. Got the red hat from Gracie and I needed something to match!

I use my character to cosplay things I can’t v_v

Please be easy on me cause this is my first time D:


I made a Flappy Bird sleeveless top on ACNL, sadly no QR Machine yet :/

So here have the templates!

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I herd u liek legendary pokemon ;3 So special for you guys I made the legendary cats (I know people say they are dogs, but I’m pretty sure something was lost in translation. I mean seriously dogs?!)


I made you some more pokemon so pick your starter! (I get Bulbasuar >:3) Happy pokemon banking!


The much requested tutorial on Ombre is here! This time however there was help from acnana and her great shading techniques which she kindly let me use to make an ombre tutorial! I hope this helps some of you, but please note that a little experimentation with colour is required! Enjoy :)

Honestly, some of the best content on the tag. Thank you for these excellent tutes!

Legit pattern name that

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